Keighley and District Motor Club was founded in 1984 by a couple of local lads with an interest in motorsport. Over the years we have had a varied membership, with members from all areas of motorsport. Our members have predominately been involved with rallying, competing & marshaling but also Production Car Trials, Auto tests, Navigational Scatters, Sprints and Hillclimbs. Over recent years we have seen a number of our members out on Track days and who can blame them, with the increasing costs of preparing and running competition cars track days seem to be a cheap way of having fun!

We have had a good social side with coach trips to rallies, rallycross, horse racing, brewery's etc. We've organised competitions against local clubs and pubs, taking them on at darts, doms and even cricket!

We meet every Tuesday Night at Newsholme Manor in Oakworth. Club nights tend to be a good chat and a few beers but we try to organise some type of entertainment at least once a month usually on the 2nd Tuesday. E.g. Quiz's, Table top rallies, Playstation Nights, Videos...

Our host Colin is very hospitable and its not unusual to find a few sandwiches on the bar.

If your in the vicinity any Tuesday why not join us for a drink and a chat!

(20:30hrs on)